Sheesham, Lotus & ‘Son: 78rpm

Release of the new CD with Lathe Revival - September 2015

At the invitation of Lorna Fulton and the Lathe Revival Project, Sheesham and Lotus and ‘Son arrived in Skegness on the 29th of June 2015. They spent the next seven days recording songs and tunes on a 1938 Presto 78 rpm recording lathe disccutter, the same machine used by the Lomax family.

Each session was followed by a performance in a different town in rural Lincolnshire. The rigorous itinerary kept the band at peak performance ensuring the grooves were cut well and deep. This encounter has culminated in their latest CD release, 78rpm!

This compilation of 78 recordings fuses peerless artistry with the unique quality of the 78 rpm recording. Hold in your very hands the digital re-masters of these sessions.

They represent a profound glimpse into what was a very transformative experience for the trio and are a product of their common love of the art.

78rpm Album COPY_78s