Lathe Revival is available for festivals, gigs and events, and is currently working on developing a traditional travelling recording booth.

With the support of Tyne & Wear Museums we are also exploring other vintage technologies, such as a wire recorder, tin foil recorder, wax cylinder and reel-to-reel tape.

Lathe Revival came about as a result of Lorna and Gary’s shared passion for roots music, and the desire to bring the first recording technologies back to life.


Lorna Fulton, Artistic Director

Brought up at her dad’s knee with the sounds of Woody Guthrie and The Carter Family, Lorna has now reached the peak of her passion for music with the acquiring of a Presto lathe and having an excuse for hanging out with musicians and being the one to brush the negative space away from the cut 78’s…

Gary Malkin, Artistic Director

An entertainer, accordionist and half of comedy double-act Accord-Iain to Gary. After seeing his own sounds etched on to a 78 he was instantly hooked on the Lathe Revival. He cut his first (and only) vinyl album in 1983 but thinks the Lathe Revival is considerably more fun, as you actually get to see the grooves being etched as you play. Secretly he can’t believe there isn’t some kind of magic involved.


Dr. Paul Fleet, Professor Eric Cross, Fred Hollingsworth & David de la Haye, Newcastle University • Jumpin’ Hot Club  • Barry Cameron, Cameron Electronics Tyne and Wear Archives & Museums  • Mike Walsh • The Secret Society of Lathe Trolls  The Talking Machine Forum • All the musicians.