Doggone Daddies

Saturday 23 May 2015, Josephs in Sunderland

Recording Doggone Daddies before their gig at Josephs  in Sunderland

Bio from the band’s Facebook page

“Phil Johnston and Danny Clarke formerly of The Sunset Trio, have been playing together for over 25 years. During this time they have worked in Spain, Portugal, Holland, Germany and Nashville Tennessee, supporting such acts as Carl Perkins, BR5-49, Heather Miles and Danni Leigh. Their style of music had always been different to anything else on the country music scene in the UK. After years of touring and the sad loss of their lead guitarist Alan Cartner, the boys took a break from music. It wasn’t until a chance meeting with Phil Larry in 2009 that persuaded them to get back on the road. They started a fresh under a new name, The Doggone Daddy’s.

Phil J (Lead Vocals/Stand Up Drums/Rhythm Guitar) and Danny Clarke (Slap Double Bass) along with Phil Larry (Lead Guitar/ Lead Vocals) got together and crafted their sound, which some have described as The Johnny Burnette Trio with a country twang.

They have gone on to support such acts as Charlie Gracie, The Go Getters, The Polecats, Carl Mann and James Intvelt. As well as working at some of the UK’s biggest festivals and weekenders. The guys are extremely enthusiastic about the future of the band and anyone who loves the authentic sound of Rockabilly/Hillbilly music will love The Doggone Daddy’s”